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Development Aims

Regeneration and enhancement of the site at Cape Jason to offer local entertainment and unique family experiences for visitors. Maintain rural spaces for the community that will benefit from enhanced facilities like toilets, refreshments and activities. Create resort trails that local residents can use for exercise during daylight hours. Links to local exercise, schools and training groups will be made to fully utilise the facilities. The development will include a Cape Jason Diving Adventure Centre. This will be a great resource for the community. We work with wild sealife charities to conserve and protect a number of species.

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The Project

Cape Jason Theme Park is working towards to create on the Yalanci Yason site a family resort. What does the proposal include? A theme park designed especially for families An indoor water play zone with no standing water, suitable for all ages and abilities Fantastic themed areas throughout the park to capture imaginations A stylish hotel designed as a family venue welcoming business customers and the general public too The opportunity to enjoy one of the only Argonauts attractions in Europe Multi-use nature trails open to the community. These trails will connect the resort with the wider Caytepe Valley One of…

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