A mythological plot for your Castle?

If you are in search of a plot for your castle, then you should look no farther than Cape Jason.  Located in the district of Perşembe/Ordu this small peninsula has mythological origins.  The rocky outcropping gets its name from the mythological adventurer Jason and his companions, the Argonauts.  Against all odds this fearless adventure travels beyond the then known world in search of the magical “Golden Fleece”.  It is thought that Jason harboured his famous ship, the Argo, at this location on his way to Colchis, now the country of Georgia.  According this legend this is the first ship to ever make it past the currents of Bosphorus Straits, in Istanbul, to the Black Sea.  To validate Jason’s story archaeologists have discovered remains of an ancient temple.

This location is the only location in Ordu where you can watch both a sunrise and a sunset over the sea.  In summer time other activities include swimming snorkelling and diving.  The spectacular scenery also provides a perfect backdrop for wedding and circumcision photos.  Most days you will have an opportunity to see traditionally dressed locals posing in front of a photographer and followed by family members and friends.  Motorcycle adventurers might want to snap a few photos of their “love” too, their bike.

Riding out to Cape Jason is not quite the adventure that Jason and the Argonauts faced.  In fact it is not much of a challenge at all as it is located along the scenic coastal road between City of Fatsa and the City of Ordu, and it’s about a half hour ride from either city.  Every adventure doesn’t have to be challenging, as this adventure is both refreshing and relaxing.

Source: http://adventureordu.com/archives/211


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