The Project

The Project

Cape Jason Theme Park is
working towards to create on the Yalanci Yason site a family resort. What does
the proposal include?

  • A theme park designed
    especially for families
  • An indoor water play zone with
    no standing water, suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Fantastic themed areas
    throughout the park to capture imaginations
  • A stylish hotel designed as a
    family venue welcoming business customers and the general public too
  • The opportunity to enjoy one of
    the only Argonauts attractions in Europe
  • Multi-use nature trails open to
    the community. These trails will connect the resort with the wider Caytepe
  • One of a kind indoor dive-centre,
    experience a series of diving-based adventures
  • A search fort he Golden Fleece
    adventure centre that introduces an action-packed spectrum of outdoor
  • An education and ecology centre
    including underwater classrooms, se and beach crafts and outdoor
    learning adventures
  • Venues will be available for
    hire for special occasions, business use and group events
  • Outdoor gyms that can be used
    by everyone, completely free of charge with easy access and ongoing
    maintenance by the Cape Jason landscaping team.
  • Cape Jason’s dream park, a
    community where children with life threatening illnesses can be given the
    chance to enjoy cost-free respite in a magical environment.

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